Little Samurai & Ninja

Little Ninja's (Kinder Karate) 3-5 years of age:

Tuesday & Thursday  4.30pm til 5.00pm (Contact for appointment) Saturday 9.30am

Enrol your child NOW into a great physical activity such as Karate and start some healthy behaviours early in life.

Your kids are taught the genuine Japanese art of karate in a structured class, helping essential karate movements become second nature. By the end of the martial arts program, kids will have developed skills that will enable them to effectively engage in learning complex martial art drills

Increase the amount of active play and physical activity in your child's routine with this exciting Kinder Karate program. Increase energy expenditure with a range of different movements. Includes school readiness skills such as imagination, socialising, cooperation and focus. Physical health and fitness is closely linked to social, emotional and cognitive health.

The Little Samurai Club is a martial arts program for children aged between 5 - 7.

Monday & Wednesday 4.10pm til 5.00pm (Contact for appointment)

What will my child learn?

The childrenlearn one belt level each semester, both at our centre (dojo) and at their homes. The skills taught in the centre will be overseen by one of our instructors who will be teaching your child. Your child will move onto the next skill when they are able to perform the skill with little or no prompting.

Skills are to be practiced at home with help from at their home.

These skills that cannot be totally learnt in the dojo they may require some additional parental involvement.

Martial arts can be for life and will make your child more focused. They will develop increased concentration through traditional training system of earning different coloured belts and stripes, they will learn that they can set and achieve goals.

The Little Samurai Club will improve confidence, self esteem,agility and motor skills.

At the beginning and end of each class we perform a traditional bow allowing the kids to reflect on the training.

Is it all training or will my child get to have fun?

The Little Samurai Club includes martial arts games which are a based on improving skills. So yes! they will have great fun

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3-5 yrs
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"This is a school with great values and that cares "

— Dianne Bryant

"Our kids love training at Guys Karate School"

— Tim

"What a fantastic atmosphere, my kids really learn a lot of values"

— Julia James