Karate Kids

Karate Kids program is a martial arts program for children aged between 7 - 12

Monday & Wednesday 5.00pm til 5.45pm (Contact for appointment)

Karate is a great sport for kids helping to build self-confidence, self esteem, balance, discipline, co-ordination and courtesy, while learning basic self-defence skills. Children may start training with GKS as young as 7 years of age.

GKS's Kids Classes
GKS’s kids classes endeavour to provide an encouraging atmosphere .These classes run for one hour and consist of basic training as well as many karate-associated games.

Grading System That Helps With Goals
GKS provides a coloured belt system where all students start at White belt and work up through different colours (Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Brown, Black Tip and finally, Black belt). This helps not only to measure a child’s progress but also provides a journey to start on. Children are encouraged to set goals for these belts, which teaches them life skills of setting a target and working towards achieving it.

 Karate A Winning Environment
While competition brings out competitive spirit, it can hinder the development of self-confidence for those children who don't win frequently. Karate can be a non-competitive sport the only competitor is themself. This means, as a child continues to improve each week, they only ever find themselves winning, this helps to increase the childs self-esteem.

Instructor / Parent Relationship
At GKS our goal is to help your children grow into respectable and confident young adults. All children are encouraged to behave in a respectful and Disciplined manner inside the training hall, however once they put their karate uniform away, some may forget to practise the things they have been taught at home or at school. By regularly communicating with the Sensei as to your child’s progress and behaviour at home or school, an instructor can better direct your child to a direction you would like them to head.

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"This is a school with great values and that cares "

— Dianne Bryant

"Our kids love training at Guys Karate School"

— Tim

"What a fantastic atmosphere, my kids really learn a lot of values"

— Julia James