FREE 2 Weeks Trial

 HURRY! Limited offer

Whilst you have been gone Guy's Karate have gone through a number of great changes.

These are: 

  • More classes have been added for our Little Ninja (3yrs to 5yrs) and Little samurai (6yrs to 8yrs)
  • Kickboxing Fitness and Circuit classes for everyone over the age of 14yrs
  • Young leadership program established with around 10 young leaders in the program all wearing red leadership jackets.
  • Extending our Saturday training times.
  • Merchandise such as tshirts and caps.

Let us know if you would like to come along and participate in our 2 weeks free trial

4.00pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8.45am Saturday
4.30pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8.45am Saturday
5.00pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
6.00pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
6.30pm Tuesday & Thursday