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Ninja to Nerf

21st March 2020


Unit 1/40 Bradmill Ave
Rutherford NSW 2320

Build Strong Self-Esteem & Confidence in your Kids!

There is no better way to entertain your kids while teaching them valuable life lessons than our Ninja to Nerf scenario fun day!

Engage your kids with all the benefits of martial arts in a fun and interactive way using a ninja to nerf theme.

This action packed session will teach them basic self defence skills and then use those skills in nerf gun scenarios including focus and team building.

Don't forget to register as places are limited! Only $10.00 per child

How Does It Work?

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About The Sessions

All classes are under the guidance of a fully qualified Instructor.

The events are run for 1.5 hours and offer a full range of karate and Nerf activities

Ninja to nerf

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Why Choose Us?

A caring community of karate teachers and students

Shaping lives through high-quality martial arts instruction since 1989.

At Guy's Karate School we are more than just a place to work out and learn how to kick and punch. We are an entire community of passionate instructors, elite athletes and awesome kids who train and study together. We support one another in all areas of life, and we are glad you have found us!

Founded by Lindsay Guy in 2012, Guy's Karate School was built upon the traditional principles of the karate style of Traditional Shotokan. We were shaped by Shihan Lindsay and his commitment to caring about every single student. And, thanks to his guidance, we’ve grown into a super-successful karate school over the years by positively impacting the lives of countless kids and adults in Maitland.

Why choose Guy's Karate School?

  • Balanced approach to mental and physical conditioning
  • Professional, energetic and fun instructors
  • High-quality instruction for all ages and levels
  • Self-defense classes
  • Anti-bullying techniques
  • Advanced training for martial arts professionals
  • Top-notch fitness equipment
  • Clean, safe, modern facility
  • 6+ years of success!

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